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Job Description

  DescriptionB&L is currently accepting applications for a Hydrogeologist/GIS Analyst in our Eldersburg, MD office.

  • Analytical GIS support, geodatabase creation and management, and map-making
  • Field support for a wide range of environmental and engineering projects 
  • Interface directly with clients, subcontractors, regulators and other external parties
  • Well design, construction management, drilling oversight and geologic logging
  • Soils characterization, mapping and suitability evaluations
  • Aquifer pumping test design, oversight and quantitative data evaluations
  • Groundwater, surface water and soil sampling and geochemical characterization

Typical hydrogeologic duties and projects include groundwater resources exploration, development, permitting, management and protection. Some of the duties of the position entail designing and directing well drilling and aquifer testing programs, evaluating surface water and groundwater monitoring data from pumping tests, sampling wells, springs, streams and soils, reducing and analyzing data (including designing, executing and interpreting computer models of groundwater flow), preparing technical reports, and interacting with clients, regulatory officials and the public. 
Typical GIS duties and projects include supporting municipal client GIS needs, including map updates, geospatial database management and maintenance, field mapping using Trimble GPS units, geostatistics, staff training, mobile application creation, data and file conversions, and various analyses. These duties may be completed remotely or on-premises. Responsibilities also include in-house GIS support for various projects across multiple B&L offices.RequirementsWe seek the following minimum requirements: 

  • A completed four-year academic degree in GIS, Geology, Hydrology or a closely related technical discipline.
  • Proficiency in the use of the latest suite of ESRI GIS applications, including ArcGIS Online, as well as spatial and 3D analyst extensions.
  • The ability to program and operate hand-held GPS units for field data collection.
  • The ability to multitask, and work with many professionals both within and outside of our organization.
  • Superlative oral and written communication skills. 
  • Coursework requirements include GIS, Soils, Hydrogeology, Structural Geology, and two or more semesters of Chemistry and Physics.