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Job Description


  • Make difficult mechanical, electrical, and refrigeration and air-conditioning repairs, requiring journeyman skills, to plant machinery and equipment.          
  • Adhere to all safety requirements as posted on the job safety card.  
  • Receive daily work assignments from the department supervisor.          
  • Maintain all job documentation, forms, labor vouchers, instruction sheets, etc., where accuracy and timeliness are paramount.                    
  • Maintain a clean and orderly working environment when maintenance work is complete.     
  • Ability to work from complex machine drawings, electrical sketches, charts, tables      
  • Install casts in hearths, furnace doors, fluid beds and arches.      
  • Assist in the movement of furniture, equipment, or other machinery where special rigging or heavy duty moving equipment may be required.               
  • Repair equipment with electric or gas welding, cutting metal with torches as necessary. 
  • Attend and successfully complete fork truck training. 
  • Successfully complete training in the operation of the front loader machine.     
  • Thread or join gas pipe which may require silver soldering, bending and fitting of pipe to close tolerances. 
  • Able to perform all types of electrical repair and installation from the routine to the complex.     
  • Capable of repairing pneumatic and hydraulic equipment including regulators, controls, and cylinders where honing may be required.               
  • Shall be certified to perform all required HVAC operations.          
  • Must attain E.P.A. certification to level II for refrigerant recovery within a minimum of twelve (12) months. 
  • Can perform all the functions of handling hazardous waste, including neutralization and discharge of waste water, muriatic acid, hydrofluoric acid, and other wastes used or generated in the building. 
  • Capable of certifying all temperature measuring units in use.           
  • Attend and successfully complete hazardous material / waste handling classes.     
  • Attend and successfully complete lockout / tag out training classes.          
  • Shall perform other duties as assigned.               

Special Skills Required:                         

  • Two + years on the job training as a maintenance technician or equivalent experience.           
  • Ability to read and understand detailed machine drawings and electrical blueprints.     
  • HVAC certified.                         
  • Possess a current Missouri driver’s license.               
  • Must acquire or own working mechanics hand tools.  
  • Must have sufficient strength and manual dexterity to perform the physical demands of the job.