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Job Description

Who We’re Looking For

We are looking for a humble, hungy, and smart BIM Team Leader for our drawing and BIM execution efforts.  

About Us and Why We’re Hiring

We are a growing team of consultants who provide EXCELLENT structural and civil engineering solutions to architects, government agencies, developers, contractors, and institutional clients.  We TRUST each other, and we give others a reason to TRUST us.  We value our RELATIONSHIPS with each other and our clients above any dollar amount.  We are committed to the STABILITY of our practice—we’re here to stay!  We believe that engineering is better when it’s done with PASSION and FUN.  

You are our ideal candidate if...

  • You are collaborative, ambitious, and talented with the drive to be a leader within our growing practice.
  • You are a BIM wizard. You eat, sleep, breathe, and dream modeling. When you see a complicated shape in the real world, you can't help yourself from thinking about how you would model it.
  • You are obsessed with systems and standards.  Consistency is your favorite word.  You are excited to make our BIM, Revit and drawing standards (which we think are already great) even better.   
  • You love to stay on the forefront of innovation by consistently seeking new ways to leverage programs such as Revit, Dynamo, Tekla, Rhino, Grasshopper—and the APIs to make them work together.
  • Teaching comes naturally to you.  You can turn a rookie into an all-star in no time flat whether they are a BIM modeler or an engineer.  You enjoy teaching drawing development, Revit implementation, BIM execution plans, and more! You jump at the chance to lead and participate in practice improvement initiatives, plus you share your expertise with coworkers and clients.
  • While you like to get stuff done, what you love even more is leading others. You lead our team of BIM Modelers, and you take responsibility for the quality of our drawings and BIM models.
  • Just because you’re a wiz with BIM models doesn’t mean you want to hide in a corner all day—you’re a people person!  You jump at the chance to collaborate directly with architects and engineers.​ Forming great relationships with clients and coworkers is one of the things you enjoy most about your career.
  • Trust is important to you.  When you say you’ll do something, you keep your word and make sure it gets done.  You trust others—and you give others a reason to trust you.
  • You never met a deadline you didn't love! You can tackle tough projects with tight deadlines and still manage to smile and crack jokes. When the going gets tough, you're the one everyone wants on their team.
  • We love working here (and we’re confident you will too), but you’re not someone who settles for the status quo.  You are constantly thinking of ways to improve our practice, whether that’s improving our product, building relationships with clients, or just finding ways to make sure that we can all have fun and be happy while we work.  You enjoy participating in planning the strategic vision of the office and you're excited to work in the office as an integrated member of our team.

Mountain West Offices

Our Mountain West offices were established to better service owners, architects, and contractors across Idaho, Utah, and the entire region. We are a growing engineering practice that is part of a reputable multidisciplinary firm. Although we are part of a nationwide firm, at KPFF we believe that decisions should be made at the level closest to the project or challenge, unencumbered by bureaucratic policies or practices. Our work includes a broad portfolio of projects using all types of materials and cutting-edge technologies, including performance-based design, nonlinear analysis, and parametric modeling. KPFF has been honored to play a part in designing some of the most iconic spaces across the Mountain West. Come help us write the next chapter!

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

KPFF is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer that is committed to hiring a diverse and talented workforce.  For more information, visit our website at  

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