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Job Description

Subsurface Utility Locator (SUE Technician)


The ALM (Advanced Locating & Mapping) Division at Draper Aden Associates is looking for experienced individuals who want to work in the SUE (Subsurface Utility Engineering) field. Our SUE Technicians locate all types of utilities for both private and public utility owners in residential, commercial and industrial settings. We mark subsurface utilities both for design and excavation. We have a diverse collection of utility locating equipment as well as Ground Penetrating Radar. Accuracy and quality are our biggest goals with underground utility locating.


The individual must be able to perform the following daily tasks to meet external and internal expectations successfully:

Must be able to locate all types of utilities accurately.

Water, Gas, Telephone, Fiber Optics, Cable TV, Electric, Steam, etc.

Must be able to provide a neat, clean sketch of utilities marked.

Must be able to read prints, plans, as-builts and utility records.

Must have good oral and written communication skills.

Must be able to travel.

Must be able to follow standard locating practice procedures.


High School diploma or GED.

4 years minimum experience locating underground utilities.

A valid driver’s license and good driving record

Knowledge of using GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) is a plus

Knowledge of surveying is a plus.

Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test and criminal background check and adhere to a Drug-Free workplace.

Draper Aden Associates promotes a drug/alcohol free work environment through the use of mandatory pre-employment drug testing.

Draper Aden Associates is an Equal Opportunity Employer who looks forward to helping people build long-term successful careers within our organization.