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Transportation engineering is the civil engineering branch that involves the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of transportation systems. It is a really rewarding job to be involved since it contributes to the building of smart, safe, and livable communities.

But where are the most career opportunities in transportation engineering? Which States offer the most jobs for transportation engineers? In this article, we will tell you!

We analyzed the Civil, Environmental and Construction Industry data from, and we are now able to show you the places with the highest demand for Transportation Engineering jobs in 2023.

There is great demand for transportation engineers in the U.S., as shown in the map below. In total, 1,043 transportation jobs were posted in for the US out of a total of 12,530 posted throughout the year.

In terms of transportation jobs, Texas has a clear lead with 10.46% of all related posted jobs, a spectacular 76% increase from last year's figure (5.94%).

New York state is in second place with 7.84%, followed by California with 6.94%. The presence in a very high position of the relatively small state of Maryland, which occupies the fourth place with a percentage of 5.80% of the transportation job posts, is surprising.    

The ever-present Florida follows in fifth place at 5.56%, with Illinois close behind at 5.47%. The (relatively close to Illinois) state of Ohio follows with a percentage of just under 5% (4.98%), while the top ten is completed by the states of Washington, North Carolina and Massachusetts, which have percentages of 4.08%, 3.68%, and 3.51%, respectively.    

You can review the overall results for the entire CEE sector here.